A small city surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains, located in the northern part of Rajasthan. The name Ajmer means Invincible Hills. The shrine of the renowned Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, built in the 13th century, is the most prominent religious and tourist attraction here. It gets its quirky name based on the legend that it was built in two and a half days. The Ajmer Jain temple is also known as Soniji ki Nasiyan beautifully showcases gold plated stone figures. A harmonious blend of these ancient temples and mosques makes this city a true delight to explore.

This city is also known for its picturesque artificial lakes like the Anasagar Lake and Lake Foy Sagar. One cannot miss out on a visit to the Daulat Bagh gardens beside the Anasagar Lake, a fine example of Mughal craftsmanship.

Akbar palace is another treasure this city has the offer. Centuries ago it used to be the king’s residence, now this place has a museum with exquisite paintings and sculptures from the bygone years.


Ajmer Dargah Sharif: The dargah of Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti is popular among people of all religions. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Ajmer. The dargah and the streets leading to it remain overcrowded at most times so people should be aware of pick-pockets and crooks. 

Adhai Din ka Jhopda: This beautiful structure was constructed by Alauddin Khilji, what is interesting is that it was built in just two and a half days. It is a relic of an old mosque that was built by Mohammad Ghouri after demolishing the Hindu and Jain Temples.

Akbar’s Palace and Museum: Situated in the center of the town the beautiful palace attracts tourists in large numbers. The Museum houses various artifacts, weapons, and sculptures of the era.

Taragarh Fort: The stunning fort located at the peak of Nagpahadi provides a mesmerizing birds-eye view of the Ajmer city. It was built by Ajaipal Chauhan, and the architecture reflects the traditional Rajasthani style of construction.

Prithviraj Smarak: Dedicated to the great warrior king of Rajasthan, the memorial lies between Pushkar and Ajmer. It is located on a hill and from there photographs of the panoramic view of Ajmer city can be taken.

Natural Places:

One should visit the beautiful Ana Sagar lake in the evenings to experience serenity and quietude. The setting sun provides a magnificent view of the surrounding areas. It is a well-maintained lake, and boating services are also available for the adventure seekers. Bird watchers can have a good time here during winters when the migratory birds flock the lake area. Daulat Bagh Garden and Subhash Park are good picnic spots where one can have fun with family and friends. Foy Sagar Lake is another artificial lake that provides a soothing experience to the nature lovers. 


Ajmer is famous not only for the Rajasthani food but also for the Mughali food primarily because of the Muslim dominance in the city. For having mouth-watering kachoris, samosas and other street food one must visit street-side stalls and kiosks. Vegetarians can cater to their hunger by ordering Rajasthani Thaali or Daal Baati Choorma, Ker Sangri, Bajre ki roti, Lahsun ki Chutney, Ghevar, Moong Dal halwa from popular local restaurants such as Mango Masala, Sheesh Mahal, Elite, Honey Dew. Non Vegetarians can have Mughlai Food like Lal Maas, Biryani, Sula Kebabs from Dargah Bazaar.


Besides spending quality time at the Dargah and relaxing at various parks, one must also visit the popular Mayo College. It’s a magnificent school that was started by the 6th Earl of Mayo, the then Viceroy of India to impart the British standard of education to Indian royals. Tourists can also go on a road trip to Pushkar, the nearby holy town and get immersed in spirituality. Water sports enthusiasts can visit Birla City Water Park and have a fun-filled day.


Markets in Ajmer can leave the tourists enthralled. Dargah Bazaar is popular for religious items, handicrafts, ethnic wear, etc. Naya Bazaar is known for the variety it offers and is the most popular market of Ajmer. Bangle lovers must visit the Choori Bazaar, Those interested in purchasing ethnic wear should head to Naala Bazaar. Mahila Mandi is a haven for female shoppers and should be on the must-visit list of women tourists. Cine Mall and Vega the Mall are the two malls that can be visited for buying branded items.