This ‘Mini Switzerland’ of India is a hillcity 25 kms away from Dalhousie. Green meadows, forests and lakes make it the perfect for a weekend getaway. Dense deodar and fir trees thrive abundantly in this ecosystem. There are a variety of easy to moderately difficult trekking trails here. The town also offers other adventure activities like paragliding, zorbing and horseback riding

The prime tourist attraction is the Khajjiar Lake. The sparkling blue waters reflecting the sky is a beautiful sight to behold. By boating in the clear waters one can  enjoy the picturesque sunset. Khajjiar Nag temple is just a short walk away from the lake. Constructed in the 12th century it has statue of Shiva and Hidimba. Famous for its gilded dome is the Golden Devi temple which is also very close to the Khajjiar Lake. This place also houses a Shiva statue which is the tallest in the state at 85 feet.

Kalatop wildlife sanctuary has a dense forest cover and is home to leopards, bears, Himalayan Black Marten, and barking goral. Tiny rivulets of water are also found here making it a good hiking spot. The different species are birds are a treat for those with an interest in photography. The hill station has shops selling Himachali and Tibetan handicrafts.


Khajji Nag Temple: As the name suggests in this temple Nag (snake) is worshipped along with Shiva and Hadimba. The interiors of the temple is adorned with paintings of Pandavas, depicting Mahabharata.

Golden Devi Temple: It is situated in the midst of the Khajjiar valley, near the almost non-existent lake. The temple exudes calmness and serenity, and is one of the most popular locations of Khajjiar.

Natural Places:

Khajjiar is called the mini Switzerland of India. It is truly a paradise for nature lovers. Khajjiar Lake and grounds provides the best view. The scenic beauty is bound to mesmerise the tourists. Many movies have been shot here. One can also enjoy horse riding and folk music here. On a clear day one can be lucky to catch glimpses of Mount Kailash from Khajjiar ground. Wildlife enthusiasts must visit Khalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. The dense cover of the tall Pine, Deodar and Oak trees add beauty to the Wildlife Sanctuary. It is home to many wild animals like Himalayan Black Bear, Black header Jay, Deer, Panther etc. Panch Pandav Tree is another location which has both religious and natural significance. The tree gained glory because of the uniqueness of possessing six shoots only. It is believed that during their exile the Pandavas took shelter near this tree.


The cuisine in Khajjiar is mostly Punjab influenced, there are various dhabas serving scrumptious Aalu parantha, Paneer dish, Butter chicken etc. One must try their hands at pure Himachali dishes as well like, Madra, Luchipoti, Sidu, Dham and Aktori.One can find various cafes and restaurants in the market area, and also dhabas at different spots along the hilly roads.


The adventure seekers must visit the incredible Khajjiar villages and learn about their lifestyle and culture. One can visit the nearby town of Panchpula, and enjoy trekking there. It is said that the water of many rivulets flowing in Panchpula has medicinal properties, bathing in which heals various diseases. One can also visit Kailash villages and interact with the humble and welcoming locals, and also take a nature walk in the apple orchards. Daikund peak is another famous destination among the travellers. It is also known as the “singing hill” because of the whistling sound the wind makes as it passes through the hills. Adrenaline junkies can try their hands at various adventure sports at the beautiful Khajjiar Lake. Paragliding, zorbing, trekking and horse riding are some of the popular activities that tourists can enjoy. 


Tibetan Handicrafts Centre is the most famous market in Khajjiar. The shops are stocked with popular handicraft items, like woolen clothes, Buddha statues, trinkets and jewellery for women. Another famous market is the HP State Handicrafts Centre, Those looking to buy carpets and wall-hangings must visit this market. Here you can also buy wooden handicraft items like tea coasters, trays etc.