Maya Devi Temple: It is a place where Queen Maya Devi gave birth to Gautam Buddha and is therefore highly popular among the Buddhist pilgrims and history buffs. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The relics of the Palace where Buddha spent his childhood is well preserved. In the adjacent garden the pillar of Ashoka is located identifying the spot as the birthplace of Buddha. One can also see the ruins of ancient stupas, monasteries and Pushkarni Pond.

Lumbini Monastic Site: Besides the Maya Devi Temple, there are 32 monasteries of different countries to visit. They are divided into 2 monastic zones namely, Mahayana and Theravada zones. The China Temple developed by the Buddhist Association of China has a number of Pagodas, meditation cells and prayer rooms. Myanmar Monastery is a beautiful golden monastery saring high in the sky. The beautiful Korean Temple is currently under construction. Royal Thai Monastery is an impressive completely white complex. Drubgyd Choling Gumpa, a traditional Tibetan style Gompa (monastery) was built by the Buddhists from Singapore and Nepal. The grand and moated Sri Lankan Monastery depicts the life of Buddha through murals.The International Gautami Nuns Temple is also found here which is a replica of the Swayumbhu Stupa of Kathmandu.

World Peace Pagoda: It was constructed by the Japanese Buddhists and is an impressive white Pagoda. It is regarded as one of the world’s greatest stupas.

Kudan Stupa: Away from the main Lumbini Complex it is another important Buddhist pilgrimage site.

Mother Temple of the Graduated Path to Enlightenment: The beautiful temple is built by an Austrian foundation and some stupas are in traditional Greek style.

Natural Places:

Lumbini does not only have historic and religious significance but is also surrounded by natural beauty. The wetlands surrounding the World Peace Pagoda has been designated as the Lumbini Crane Sanctuary. Nature lovers can have a good time here spotting different species of cranes. 


Aalu achar, Dhau, Lakhmari, Sapu Mhicha, Alu Tma, Pau Kwa are some of the popular Newar cuisine that one should try whilst in Lumbini. Top street dishes to try are samosa, noodles, curry, pani puri, momos, etc. Sri Lankan Pilgrimage House, and Lumbini Garden Restaurant are the two most visited restaurants in Lumbini.


After exploring the monasteries, hire a bicycle and explore the rural region, meditation is an essential part of Buddhist faith, you can sit under the Bodhi Tree and meditate for a few hours. Inorder to know more about Buddhist history associated with the region visit Lumbini Museum, Lumbini International Research Institute and also Kapilavastu Museum. An interesting fact associated with Kapilavastu Museum is that it has ruins of ancient capital of Sakya Kingdom where Buddha spent his youth as Prince Siddhartha. You can also go on trekking as Nepal is a country of mountains.


Lumbini is famous for Buddhist religious, Nepalese and Indian Handicrafts. One can buy prayer beads and other religious items from the entrance to the Mayadevi Complex. A couple of shops in the village near the bus stop sell these items along with pashmina shawls, wrap-arounds, traditional Newar dresses, pottery and patan style copper and bronze statues.