Sravasti, Uttar Pradesh

Located on the banks of the river Rapti, Sravasti or Savatthi, was the capital of the Kosala kingdom, and just outside of the city now lies Jetavana, the second monastery donated to Buddha. It is an important place of pilgrimage for Buddhists as Buddha used it as a monsoon retreat every year. It is also believed by many that this is where he gave most of his teachings.  

The main attraction of the place is the Anandabodhi tree, the second holiest tree in Buddhism. Jetavana monastery, which is home to the Anandabodhi tree is visited by thousands every year for its historic significance, now preserved by stupas and huts used by monks.

Shobhnath Temple is a holy site for Jains as it is known to be the site of origin of the Jain prophet, Sambhavnatha.

Anathapindika Stupa, erected by Anathapindika as a donation to Buddhism is another important tourist site for Buddhists.

Balrampur and Saheth are other sites tourist attraction is Sravasti, known for their beautiful shrines boasting of contemporary architectural style.

The city is well connected and is easy to travel to as there are convenient air and land routes.The best time of the year to visit Sravasti is between November and April.