Vaishali is a Buddhist town in the state of Bihar. Many ancient holy texts mention this city in their scriptures. In this holy city Gautama Buddha delivered his final sermon before he attained Parinirvana. Ananda stupa near the Ashoka Pillar in Kolhua was constructed to honour this event. The Pillar of Ashoka which is a major tourist attraction in the city was built during the reign of Mauryan emperor Ashoka. This lion pillar made of polished sandstone have Buddhist inscriptions and is also the national emblem. Kutugarasala Vihara located in the vicinity was the monastery where Buddha stayed many times. Coronation Tank or Abhishek Pushkaran was the place where monks used to take a holy dip in the waters.  

The Vaishali Museum is a must visit for the history geeks. It showcases objects which were discovered during archeological excavation of the city. This includes rare sculptures of Buddha from the Pala period.  The museum also has ancient idols depicting Vishnu, Uma Shankar and animals like snakes and horses.

Vishwa Shanti Stupa, also known as World Peace Pagoda has gleaming golden glass statues. This  125 feet tall domed structure was built by the Nipponzan Myohoji sect of Buddhists. The stupa is the epitome of harmony and tranquility.