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Companion Travels is a South Delhi based travelling agency with an experience of more than 20 years. Companion Travels delivers the most suitable tour packages at reasonable prices. Our agents will guide you through every step and aid you in choosing the best activities, hotels, as well as destinations. Our tours are fashioned around duration, seasons, as well as popular destination in India. With over 100 destinations to visit, Companion Travels delivers the best services; and staying true to its name, provides a warm companionship through all your vacations across India.

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Royal Rajasthan

The largest state of India – Rajasthan is located at the country’s western border. The old city bazaars, palatial ruins and stone havelis impart this place an ancient regal aura. On one side of the rocky Aravalli Range is the beautiful golden expanse of the Thar Desert, also known as the Great Indian Desert. Even though Rajasthan has a predominantly arid climate it has a rich flora and fauna. There are a variety of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. The royal tiger, black buck and the great Indian bustard are a few notable endangered species here. The natives here have a rich culture and are known for their intricate handicrafts and delicious Rajasthani cuisine.

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Buddhism is the world’s fourth largest religion. Buddhists follow the teachings of Siddharta Gauthama, their main goal is achievement of Nirvana. Buddhism is a world religion and India has a rich Buddhist heritage. Many temples were constructed all over the country during Emperor Ashoka’s reign. These temples are now a major tourist attraction. A variety of stupas and stone statues of Buddha are other major attractions. Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, Khushinagar and Sravasti are a few notable places. At the country’s northern border, due to the rise of Tibetan culture, Buddhism is flourishing once again. One cannot miss out on the monasteries which provide spiritual guidance and help in the attainment of inner peace.

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The Great Himalayas

The lofty snow capped Himalayan peaks located in the north are like the crown of Indian tourism. These peaks are almost as old time itself. The steep mountain passes were trade routes ages ago. From the Himalayan valleys originate mighty rivers like Indus, Sutlej and Brahmaputra. Karakoram mountains, Pir Panjal Range and Zanskar Range fall under the Indian territory. The Great Himalayas are not just breathtaking but also offer a variety of recreational activities for everyone. This place is also well known for its rich fruit orchards and woollen clothing items. Serene hill stations and tiny mountain villages provide the ideal escape from the chaos of populated cities.

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Popular Tours

Companion Travels brings to you hand-curated popular tour from all around the nation of India. We have picked the best of the lot and brought them to your table for your convenience.

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